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"There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you experience is a direct manifestation of where you focus your attention and relax your vibration."  ~ Jafree Ozwald  

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"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world." ~Buddha

Using a Manifesting Mantra Meditation every day is a powerful way to enlighten your mind, inspire your life, and boost your natural manifesting abilities. Simply by repeating and feeling the energy inside these manifesting mantras, you will retrain your brain to stay on the track to success.

You may have noticed that the mind tends to wander into thoughts and experiences that no longer serve you. When you're implanting your mind with powerful Manifesting Mantras, you feel stronger and more powerful each day. The more you use the mantra the deeper the new programming spreads into your life!

Perhaps you're wondering...

 "Exactly, what is a manifesting mantra and how is it different than positive affirmations or regular mantras"? 

Good question! A manifesting mantra is like a positive affirmation, yet with a barrel of rocket fuel behind it.  A manifesting mantra is a unique type of affirmation because it's job is to transport you into the Manifesting Mindset. In the mind of a Super Manifestor, you think, feel and know that you already are a super powerful manifesting being who can effortlessly create anything that you desire.

Affirmations are simply positive statements that are not fully aligned with the energy behind a magical manifesting mindset. There is still a belief and feeling of separation from the Universe, a sensation of disconnection from our natural manifesting abilities.

Affirmations can come from a place of not having, or believing that you have to work hard to attract your desired outcome.  A manifesting mantra contains the feeling and understanding that every thought and feeling IS ALWAYS CREATING your reality in each moment.

A magical manifesting mantra is born from an acceptance that we are naturally born as manifesting magnets who constantly creating our own enlightened or unenlightened experience of life. When we own this fact that we are the masters of our momentary experience of reality, we have the power to shape shift our destiny.

A Manifesting Mantra is different than a regular mantra in that you are not repeating it mindlessly for long periods of time, just to get the mind to quiet down and become more centered. The manifesting mantra works just the opposite. You repeat it only 3 times. Feeling as deep as you can and visualizing as clearly as you can, what the positive message is affirming to be real.

Our manifesting power comes from our feelings, and the more juicy our feelings are, the richer we will become in every possible way. If you listen to it without feeling it won’t work. You want to gather all the sensations you can muster of joy, excitement, motivation, or faith that this abundance is on its way now!

The manifesting mantra also sharpens your brain rather than dulls it as a normal mantra could do. You find yourself feeling more alive, clear, and motivated to manifest the life you are dreaming to have.  You would only use manifesting mantras for 15-30 minutes a day to receive maximum future results.

By using Manifesting Mantras everyday, you'll feel more confident in all that you do. You may even feel unstoppable at creating anything you desire. On a spiritual and metaphysically level, you will increase your "Manifesting Vibration", which means it becomes EASIER to attract the dreams and desires you want in this world.

Manifesting mantras help you break through emotional blocks and limiting beliefs about yourself.  The more you repeat it, the easier it becomes to feel and see yourself creating anything your heart's desires!

 The hypnotic suggestions in the manifesting mantra will be programmed deep into your subconscious mind, and will ignite the "Manifesting Mindset" within you and help your life to start moving in the right direction. You'll find life becomes easier, more fulfilling, and you have a natural ability to create a life you truly love!  

   When this manifesting mantra is used on a daily basis, it will open new doors in thinking, feeling and your daily creative self-expression. By simply listening every day to a manifesting mantra meditation, you'll start to feel the "Enlightened Manifestor" begin to show up in your life. Listening to the magic mantra before you sleep and the deep enlightening information will seep and soak into your soul.  Soon, you'll discover the manifesting mantra is creating a powerful shift in your consciousness and your ability to manifest your intentions.

This manifesting mindset blossoms out of a background of positive affirmations, and yet is a more advanced and effective approach to manifesting. It owns the reality that we are spiritual beings and this connection turns us into most powerful, magical and magnetic beings in the entire Universe.

 I believe we all deserve to experience ourselves as a magical manifesting being.  This is why I'm giving away this powerful manifesting mantra meditation is on MP3 audio for FREE!

In my Manifesting Mantra download you'll also get to read the 1st chapter of my world renown Manifesting Manual, receive daily enlightening messages that will soothe your soul and a video about the 3 Secrets to Becoming a Manifesting Magnet!

Think of this download as your free mini-online "Manifesting University" where you can watch, listen and enjoy learn how to start creating that amazing life you soooo deserve! 

Get ready, you're about to increase your vibration and effortlessly attract your dream life to you!!

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A FREE Guided Meditation on MP3 Audio that will help you to quiet your mind and ignite your manifesting abilities!

What are people saying about Jafree Ozwald,
the Creator of The Manifesting Mantra?

"Jafree, is truly an enlightened being and a master coach. The many discoveries I have made since working with him (even after 30 years of being in the New Age movement) have been remarkable. I am letting go of numerous work addictions that I have been struggling with for years. Suddenly, they are just easily slipping away moment by moment. Although, I knew most of this information intellectually, I am now experiencing it on a cellular level. It is an awesome experience. "It is such a great and wonderful service you do, and I am grateful to be part of it. Thank you, Jafree! Much love and joy!" ~Natalie Helms, Corporate Training Facilitator, New York, NY.

"You are an inspiration and I'm grateful that my life is being touched by your enlightening presence. You have opened up many 'blocked channels' that is allowing me to take a different outlook on how I think, observe, and accept things in and into my life. I am becoming more and more aware of so many wonderful and exciting things. Thank you so much. You are a gift from God." ~James S. McKenzie, Belmar, NJ.

"With a warrior's persistence, childlike playfulness, a poet's gentle heart, and a mystic's soul, Jafree expertly penetrates into the core of your issues. He is a rare soul who carefully wields healing knowledge and psychic intuition like a sword - cutting a clear path through the veils of misunderstanding, fear and separation. He is, in fact, a bodhisattva for the new millennium... helping others to awaken." ~Chris S., Healer, Boulder, CO

"Little did I know that when I had my first session with Jafree I would be propelled into an existence filled with possibility and magic. It's an amazing and wonderful world now and I'm ready to play in it!" ~Pamela M. R. Ferndale, Michigan.

"Your teachings are very much in alignment with my beliefs about spirituality and universal power. Thank you very much for your help!" ~Michelle Ruiz, Madera, CA, Nurse

"You so shine beautifully in my heart and I love you. Thank you! Your enlightening materials are inspiring, flowing and I am flowing with it."  ~Shiraz, Canada


Would you like to Dramatically Increase your Ability to Manifest Money in your Life?

 Skyrocket your Financial Frequency with
Jafree's Money Manifesting Mantras!

The Top 5 Reasons Why People Experience Dramatic Success Using Manifesting Money Mantras

  1. Manifesting Money Mantras reprogram poverty subconscious with abundance consciousness.

  2. Help you find a deep knowing that you can manifest what ever your heart desires.

  3. Work on a deep subconscious level so you experience fast and profound positive changes in your financial life!

  4. Help you to release your financial fears and start feeling financial confidence again.

  5. With daily repetition they dramatically increase your Financial Frequency and Step on path to financial success!

Below are my favorite manifesting money mantras that will help shift your financial energy. When you read the words, the most important thing is FEELING how it feels in your body.  As you repeat the message throughout the day, you’ll naturally dive deeper into that feeling and squeeze all the juice out of it! For more information please read my blog article Manifesting Mantras for Financial Freedom!

I have recorded these 7 Manifesting Mantras below (along with 26 other money mantras) on an MP3 audio that you can listen to each night before sleeping. When all 26 of these magical Manifesting Money Mantras sink into your subconscious mind over 3 weeks time, you will wake up feeling inspired, financially creative and trusting with manifesting money. It will truly shift in your financial frequency!!

  • I have plenty of money and feel financially secure and at ease.

  • I am a powerful abundant being with plenty of money.

  • I joyfully receive plenty of money for the services I provide.

  • I always have enough money to do anything I desire.

  • I am always guided towards decisions that make my life richer.

  • The money I spend returns to me in 10 times the amount.

 This Money Manifesting Meditation is a real journey into a higher state of financial consciousness. It is powerful because these new affirmations will truly create actual abundance in your bank account, so they are physically life changing.

They work on such deep level that you may not even know, understand or realize why you are attracting more income to you, yet it just seems to flow your way. I can personally guarantee that listening these mantras only one time, you'll start having more positive abundant feelings around money.

When you have experienced the power of how a real Manifesting Mantra works in your life, you'll never go back to anything else. Our brains work like a machine. Data comes in and data comes out.

If you only insert positive abundant data into your brain each morning, it's easy to feel what its like to be a powerful Manifesting Money Magnet all day long!  If you're interested in learning more about the Money Mantra Manifesting Meditation below...

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Would you like the Secrets to
Manifesting your Soul Mate or
Ignite the Manifesting Mindset with these Magical Manifesting Meditations!Being with the Greatest Lover of your Life?

 You guessed it! The power of the Manifesting Love Mantra is at work here. Yes, you can attract your soul mate to you with joy and ease. You can effortlessly attract the most enlightened loving relationship in 90 days or less!  Perhaps you're wondering...

How is this possible?

It's simple. Using manifesting mantras to increase your "love vibration", you become a MAGNET for attracting that divine being who you soooo most desire! Whenever we increase our love vibration we feel great about life. We love being alive, love whomever we are with, and whatever we are doing. We are simply the energy and vortex of love.

Everyone enjoys being around you so you attract many friends who will add to increasing your love for your self as well. When you apply this powerful love energy to focus on being with your perfect partner, or divine soul mate, on a metaphysical level you become a powerful magnet for them to find you! Yes, your soul mate, life partner and/or tantric lover will make their way into your life.

The Love Mantra Manifesting Meditation will implant new suggestions into your subconscious mind that you are lovable, worthy of receiving your dream, and able to say YES to Love! It will naturally increase your manifesting ability so that you can easily and effortlessly RECEIVE those desires you previously did not feel worthy of in the physical world. 

Loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are is key to consciously attracting more abundance into your life! When you start completely and utterly loving and accepting all aspects of yourself, you send out a strong energetic vibration of love to the Universe. 

Everything around you is made of energy and vibrations. When you're in a state of self love, every atom around you is impacted by this strong loving frequency.  Love literally vibrates at a higher frequency than lower vibrational energy states such as fear, greed, lack or anger.  Therefore, increased levels of self-love will naturally shift the vibration of your mind-boy, allowing you to attract and manifest amazing experiences, relationships, and opportunities into your life!

This high energetic frequency of self-love is irresistible to others, naturally opening up other people's energy fields and causing them to want to support you in your manifestations. When you are living from this vibration, the entire Universe is pulled towards this strong loving energy and naturally supports you in making your dreams a reality! 

Learn How to Physically Manifest Your Soul Mate with the Manifesting Mantra Love Package Below!


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Ignite the Manifesting Mindset with these Magical Manifesting Meditations!

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